12 years

Yaya is a mellow golden girl who enjoys lounging around the house and snoozing in a comfy box. Although she doesn't enjoy being picked up, she loves being pet while she naps. Yaya enjoys attention from her humans and spends her days sitting in the window as her caregiver’s neighborhood "Pigeon Patrol". Her absolute favorite activity is being brushed by her human companion, which keeps this kitty happy and reduces shedding. Yaya loves to curl up in soft blankets and is known to lay on her human’s lap if they drape a blanket over themselves during a quiet evening on the couch.

Yaya is a sweet furball who would thrive in a quiet 吉祥彩票, ages teens and up, that accepts her for her beautiful, social personality and also admires her desire for space at times. If you are interested in adopting Yaya, we welcome you to fill out our Cat Adoption Survey.